Besadno - A Group Of Successful Companies Achieving Success, with G-d’s help!

The Besadno Group identifies, promotes, and invests in ideas, ventures, companies, and patents that present as worthwhile investments with great profit potential. In the Besadno Group you will find companies that specialize in real estate, industry, research and development (R & D), and many other fields.

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Several SPVs allow investments in a number of companies through one SPV (mini-fund), in order to minimize risks.
Parnasa is a collective of funds and investment instruments. For the most part, the investments are made using SPVs (special purpose vehicles), which are utilized to raise necessary funding for our portfolio companies. These instruments bring together up to 35 offerees in accordance with Israeli and U.S. law. Although Parnasa is primarily focused on orthodox Jewish communities, they also offer investment opportunities for other audiences. Parnasa offers a wide variety of SPVs. Some are exclusively for Israeli investors, others are exclusively for U.S. investors, and some are intended for Israeli and U.S. investors.


InvestiNation is an equity crowdfunding investment platform, providing accredited investors access to promising vetted Israeli startups and venture funds.


This unique auction service enables Israeli and American investors with a minimum net worth of NIS 400 000, to purchase Israeli real estate. For a modest fee, Michrezan assists clients through the entire process, from the initial stages of locating properties to the conclusion of sales.


Leaders is a social club made-up of thousands of members from the orthodox Jewish community in the U.S. Each of the members (leaders) who have access to our portfolio companies, assist the companies in introductions and other “go-to-market” activities in the U.S. Those leaders who provide quality assistance in opening Israeli high tech to American markets are compensated well for their efforts, in amounts that can potentially add up to thousands of U.S. dollars. These services are extremely valuable to the Israeli companies and their market penetration activities. The Leaders program operates exclusively in the U.S.

BuiltUp Ventures

BuiltUp Ventures is a classically structured venture capital fund which specializes in property technology (proptech). It also functions as “betasite” for our portfolio companies.