Besadno: Achieving Success with G-d's Help!

Besadno invests in ideas, ventures, companies, and patents with great profit potential. Our portfolios specialize in real estate, innovation, research and development, and a variety of other fields.

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Parnasa is a collection of funds and instruments focused on investments in the orthodox Jewish community. Parnasa uses a variety of special purpose vehicles (SPVs) to raise funds for our portfolio companies. Some of these SPVs are for Israeli investors, others are for U.S. investors, and some accept investors from both countries. 


InvestiNation offers accredited U.S. investors access to vetted, Israeli startups with a high potential for success. InvestiNation utilizes Besadno’s resources and networks to assist our portfolio companies and maximize their chances for a profitable exit. 

Deal Estate (formerly Michrezan)

Deal Estate is a unique auction service that enables Israeli and American investors with a minimum net worth of NIS 400 000, to purchase Israeli real estate. For a modest fee, Deal Estate will assist clients throughout the entire process, from the initial stages of locating properties to the conclusion of sales.

Leaders (coming soon!)

Leaders by Besadno will use our community’s vast network of interpersonal connections to match Israeli startups with investors. We believe these introductions will create revenue for everyone, including those leaders who facilitate these matches. Those Leaders who provide quality assistance in opening Israeli high-tech to American markets, will be compensated generously for their efforts, in amounts that can potentially add up to thousands of U.S. dollars. We believe that these services will be valuable to Israeli companies and market penetration activities. The Leaders program will operate exclusively in the U.S.

BuiltUp Ventures

BuiltUp Ventures invests in real estate startups that specialize in innovative property technology (proptech) solutions. With locations in Tel Aviv and New York, they provide our partner companies with opportunities to succeed. Their portfolio includes leading-edge, Israeli, real estate companies. BuiltUp Ventures also acts as betasite for our portfolio companies.